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2021 Legislative Session


The ACLU of Arizona Campaign for Smart Justice advocates at the state Capitol to support bills that will reduce the prison population and to defeat bills that give police and prosecutors more power to harm our communities.

Our 2021 Priorities

Supporting HB 2713: Arizona is one of the only states that provides no opportunities for incarcerated people to earn additional time off their stay in prison. HB 2713 changes that by allowing people with drug convictions to earn up to 50 percent off their prison time. People convicted of other crimes that are considered nonviolent could earn up to 33 percent off their prison time. 


Supporting HB 2261: This bill would ensure people who have periods are given a sufficient, free supply of tampons and pads. It would provide extra protections for pregnant people who are incarcerated. And it would require ADC to attempt to place parents of minor children in facilities close to their homes and to ensure children can visit their parents.

Supporting HB 2320: HB 2320 will allow people in Arizona to seal their criminal records. This is a big deal because Arizona currently has no process in place to give people this opportunity. This means, folks who've served their sentence years, or even decades, ago still struggle to find housing and employment due to stigma associated with their criminal record. A criminal record should not be a life sentence.

Defeating bills that criminalize protest and block police reform efforts: A slew of bills criminalizing the right to peaceful assembly have been introduced in direct retaliation against Black and Brown community organizers for last summer’s protests against police brutality. There is no doubt these bills, if passed, will lead to increased arrests and prosecutions of Black and Brown Arizonans while also chilling free speech and assembly. They include HB 2309 and SB 1125. Other bills aim to block any efforts at police reform, including HB 2295 which will make it harder to hold police accountable for misconduct, and SB 1333, which will punish cities that cut their police budgets. 

How You Can Help
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