Smart Justice
Maricopa County Attorney’s Race Candidate Commitments

The ACLU of Arizona does not endorse or oppose candidates.

Commitments on this page were gathered from the ACLU of Arizona candidate questionnaire, town halls, candidate’s websites, and other public statements made on the campaign trail. To submit a statement for consideration, email [email protected]

Smart Justice Value: Decarceration

Policy: Set a Specific Decarceration Goal

Policy: Expand programs that will divert people away from prison

Smart Justice Value: Challenge racism within the criminal justice system

Policy: Make a plan to combat racism in the criminal legal system

Smart Justice Value: Increase Transparency

Policy: Post data and policies online

Smart Justice Value: Build Trust Between Law Enforcement and Community

Policy: Creating an Independent Prosecuting Unit To Investigate Police Misconduct Cases  

Smart Justice Value: Champion Reform at the Legislature

Policy: Proactively support legislation that will reduce the prison population and vigilantly oppose legislation that creates new crimes or increases sentences.