Smart Justice
Maricopa County Attorney’s Race 2020

The ACLU of Arizona does not endorse or oppose candidates running for office.

The ACLU of Arizona Thanks The Maricopa County Attorney Candidates Who Committed to Smart Justice Values During the Jan. 30th Town Hall

A county attorney is an elected official who serves as your county’s top prosecutor. County attorneys are the most powerful actors in the criminal justice system. They decide who goes to prison and for how long. For years, county attorneys in Maricopa County have fueled growth in the prison population and supported policies that have devastated families and communities. A reform-minded county attorney can turn the tide by making a commitment to work in the interest of people, not prisons.

When is Election Day?

The primary election is Aug. 4, 2020.
The general election is Nov. 3, 2020.

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Who is Running?

Allister Adel

Allister Adel(R)-Incumbent*

*Adel was appointed by the Board of Supervisors in October 2019 to serve the rest of former Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery's term.

Candidate Commitments

The Campaign for Smart Justice is tracking the candidates’ public statements and commitments on the campaign trail. View the candidate commitment tracker here.

Questions to Ask The Candidates

Will these candidates embrace our Smart Justice values? Below are some suggested questions you can ask on social media, at town halls, and at community events.

  • Can you commit to reducing the number of people in Arizona prisons by a specific percentage? What is your plan to meet that goal?  
  • Do you believe racial disparities exist in the criminal justice system? If so, how will you use the power of your office to reduce racial bias?
  • Will you hold police accountable in cases of brutality and misconduct? What specific actions will you take to do this?
  • Will you end the use of coercive plea bargaining tactics in your office? 
  • Will you expand diversion programs so more people are offered alternatives to incarceration? 
  • Will you end the prosecution of certain crimes, like marijuana possession? 
  • Will you require prosecutors to seek cash bail less often so people are not locked in jail just because they can't pay their way to freedom? 
  • Will you end the practice of seeking the death penalty? 

Upcoming Events

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